When to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Nobody wants to drag a messy divorce to court, but it may be necessary in some situations. Here are some scenarios that often call for a divorce attorney:

  • Your spouse has combative legal representation: Unfortunately, some divorce attorneys are so aggressive that they will convince a client that court is far better than mediation or collaborative law, and then spend effort on attacking you at the stand. This can waste much of your time, money, and anxiety, especially if your spouse is angry and riled up.
  • Your spouse is bullying you: Past arguments in your marriage (and a track record of you losing or giving up in fights) are a strong indicator that you may want to hire a divorce attorney. If your spouse has intimidated or abused you in the past, negotiation may be for naught. A bullying spouse will most likely dodge or refuse mediation, which makes court the next best option.
  • Your spouse lacks good faith: In the event that your spouse tries to hide an asset or do anything else inherently dishonest, a divorce attorney can get closer to setting the situation right legally. Perhaps your spouse is hurt and surprised by the divorce, feeling guilty about a secret affair, fixated on acquiring your wealth, or rooted deeply in hatred. Either way, a lack of good faith is unjust and should be ameliorated.
  • Your spouse fails to communicate: It isn’t uncommon for a soon-to-be divorcee to be uncooperative. The reality of a divorce can be extremely painful or angering, which may lead your spouse to shut you out, defame you to others, or communicate meaningfully in divorce proceedings. A divorce attorney understands the law and will help move the situation along.
  • Your spouse is missing: Albeit an odd situation, missing spouses in the face of divorce is fairly common. There are obviously confrontation issues at play, but it doesn’t change the legality of the situation. There is other recourse beside divorce: in the event that the spouse cannot be located, you may be able to have the marriage terminated or “dissolved”, as it’s referred to in some states.

The difficulty of divorce often relies on you and your spouse. Whether you both opt for mediation, collaborative law or divorce attorneys, the process is still a lot to handle. Shock, heartbreak, financial trouble, and the potential of losing your children in a settlement are all harrowing prospects. A seasoned divorce attorney will always protect your rights and have your best interests at heart.