Do I need a Divorce Lawyer?

Of course, every divorce is different. In every couple’s unique situation, proceedings may be amicable or tensions can run high. While there is a variety of methods to consider when facing divorce, hiring a divorce attorney is hugely beneficial for overall civility and keeping your best interests in tact.

If you’re in the midst of divorce, consider some factors before taking legal action; understand both yours and your spouse’s personalities objectively, what’s at stake, your children (if you have any), and other important pieces of your life that will be affected by the divorce. If something else is complicating the process, such as abuse (spousal, child, substance, or sexual), a divorce attorney can help you protect yourself and your children. Or, if you find that your spouse is being overly difficult, vindictive or dishonest, a divorce attorney can step in to protect your interests. Possibly the most substantial reason to hire a divorce attorney is if your spouse has already done so, especially if you both share children or face a complicated financial situation. No individual should have to enter a legal battle against an experienced (and most likely aggressive) professional.